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Currently booking pensions and restaurants I understand. Show the facets every season throughout the year Scenery of Nakafurano The best dish using seasonal ingredients We will deliver it to everyone.

About various reservations

Accommodation charges, vacant room search, and reservation

The service which can reserve stay and airplane facilities together was started!
Search of a plan, the check of a vacant room, etc. can be performed.


The above-mentioned service still has few plans.
Please use service of the following link for a while.
[The link to a reservation page]

*The charge indicated to this page includes the consumption tax (8%) and the service charge.

Accommodation charges (twin room & triple room)

Amenity 3 pieces (bath towel, face towel, toothbrush) included

Accommodation charges (Single occupancy)

La Collina does not have a single room.
The visitor who stays alone will use a twin room.
Therefore, a charge is changed as follows according to a season.
Amenity 3 pieces (bath towel, face towel, toothbrush) included

The accommodation plan for a schoolchild

A schoolchild can also receive service of the same meal etc. at the same charge as grown-up persons. However, there is an opinion that the small child cannot eat a full-course dinner. Then, this plan was drawn up.

Adult's full-course dinner is as follows. "Appetizer + pasta + fish-dishes + meat dish + dessert" (a total of 5 dishes). The dinner of this plan for a schoolchild is as follows. "Appetizer + pasta +(fish-dishes or meat dish)+ dessert" (a total of 4 dishes).
Breakfast is the same as an adult. Amenity 3 pieces (bath towel, face towel, toothbrush) included

The charge is ¥8,600

Infantile (less than a schoolchild) accommodation charges

*Please mind*
Dinner takes 2 hours from 1 hour and a half for a course dish.
All dishes cannot be taken out collectively.
Please understand the situation.

Please give us cooperation so that all guests can have a good time.

The list of amenity goods

The following table is a list of the goods which La Collina rents and sells.

Cancellation policy

We receive a cancellation charge as follows.

About "Walk-in"

If there is a vacant room, staying without reservation is possible.
According to a situation, even if there is a vacant room, stay may be refused.
Please pay the total amount of accommodation charges at the time of check-in.


AM11:30 - PM15:00(L.O14:30)
​Holiday Tuesday・Wednesday(Lunch only)

PM18:30 - PM21:00(L.O20:30)


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