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La Collina's facilities are designed for the comfort of all people, young and old, men and women, disabled and non-disabled.
Here are some of the facilities designed to be “barrier-free” for all, along with photos.
They are not luxurious facilities.
Instead, we believe that they are “perfect” facilities that have everything you need.

About facilities on site

―360°Room Introduction―



The entrance, bathrooms, restaurant, and lounge are on the first floor, and guest rooms are on the second floor.
This elevator has been well received by our guests, as it is often used by those who come and go.
We encourage guests with disabilities or wheelchairs to use this elevator.
La Collina has been in operation since 2002 and has had an elevator since the beginning,
We have been in operation since 2002, and we believe that there are not many pensions in Furano that have even installed an elevator.
A mirror is placed in front of the elevator to make it easier for a wheelchair user to get in and out of the elevator.


Wide 2 hallways

We have a width of 1.8 m so that wheelchairs pass each other.
Also, I do not draw carpets and carpets to make it easy to move, making it flooring.


~bed room~

This room consists of a bedroom with two single beds and a living room with a TV, sofa, and other chairs (for twin rooms).
All rooms have sliding doors for easy access by wheelchair users.
The living room also has a bathroom and toilet in all rooms.
Other amenities in the rooms include: sideboards, bedside lamps, televisions, chairs and desks, wall hangers, towel hangers.
Electric kettle, coffee and tea set, dresser and hair dryer.
All rooms have internet access (wired & wireless).
If you bring your own laptop computer, etc., you can use the Internet and do simple desk work.
Smoking is not permitted in the pension.
Smoking is allowed in the cigarette butts receptacles outside the entrance.


~living room~

This space is a new addition to all guest rooms as a result of the renovation.
A TV and a chair to watch it are installed.
If you bring your own laptop computer, etc., you can use the Internet and do simple deck work,
A table is also provided where you can use the Internet and do simple deck work if you bring your own laptop computer or other equipment.
An electric kettle and coffee and tea sets are provided.
(The brand of coffee, tea, sugar sticks, etc. changes from time to time.)


~bath room~

This is a three-piece unit bath, consisting of a “bath,” “toilet,” and “washbasin.”
The front of the bath is made of high-grade wall material, and a large mirror has been installed.
The bathtub is also spacious.
The height of the shower can be changed.
Liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body soap for hand washing are provided.
Cups are also provided and are washed and disinfected each time.
The boiler is located on the second floor and a special structure and device are used to provide hot water immediately when you want to use it.
Toilets are equipped with heated toilet seats (warmlet) and heated toilet seats (shower toilet and washlet) for your comfort.


Clean toilet

There are restrooms in addition to guest rooms, two on the first floor and two on the second floor.
All toilets are equipped with deodorizers and bidet toilets.
There are restrooms on both the first and second floors that are equipped with handrails and other handicap-accessible features in the private rooms.
The restrooms for disabled persons on the second floor are very spacious.



For wheelchair users as well as those who do not, as much as possible to enjoy meal without inconvenience,
We are setting table and chair of elevation which is easy to eat.

Dinner and breakfast are basically taken here.

Dinner 18:30~21:00(Last order20:30)
Breakfast 7:00~8:30(Free time*)

*For breakfast, you can come down to the restaurant at any time during the above hours and have breakfast at your leisure.
*We will ask you the day before (e.g., when you check in) what time you would like to have breakfast the next day.


​Book space

The book space is located on the second floor, up the stairs.
Focusing on numerous novels by Ayako Miura, a female writer from Asahikawa, Hokkaido,

We also have a selection of books by other writers.
In addition to novels, we also have a number of nature magazines and children's stories.
There is a sofa next to the room, so you can read them there or bring them to your room.
Please do not take them home with you.

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