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Everyone, young and old,
Equipment of La Collina designed to be comfortable for people with disabilities as well as those who are not.
We will introduce the facilities aimed at "barrier-free" for everyone with photos.


It is never a luxurious facility.
However, I think that what you need is the "perfect" facility that is complete.

About facilities on site

―360°Room Introduction―



The entrance, bathroom, restaurant and lounge are on the first floor, and the rooms are on the second floor.
 In some cases, this elevator has gained popularity as it comes and goes frequently.
 I think that people with disabilities and wheelchairs would be able to use it.

This La Collina has been setting up an elevator since the beginning of business in 2002, but I think that it is not yet so, even if it is located in Furano's pension, even an elevator .

Also, a mirror is placed in front of the elevator cabin to make it easier for a wheelchair to get on and off.


Wide 2 hallways

We have a width of 1.8 m so that wheelchairs pass each other.
 Also, I do not draw carpets and carpets to make it easy to move, making it flooring.



Simple room with 2 single beds (in the case of twin room).
All the rooms are equipped with spacious doors.
There are also two rooms that adopt slide doors so wheelchairs are easier to use.

Other, sideboard, bedside lamp, TV, chair and desk, wall hanger hanger, towel hanger etc etc in the room.

All rooms are available for internet line (wired & wireless).
If you bring a laptop computer etc., you can use the internet.
Both LAN cable and security password, please contact the staff, upstairs, reception desk or staff.

This pension is non smoking all over the facility. I'm sorry to smoke, but I have prepared a cigarette container outside the entrance, so please be there.


Clean toilet

There are 2 rooms on the 1st floor and 3 rooms on the 2nd floor. All toilet seats are equipped with a deodorizing device and washlet. 

The toilet for disabled people on the second floor where the guests staying are frequently used is made very wide.



For wheelchair users as well as those who do not, as much as possible to enjoy meal without inconvenience,
We are setting table and chair of elevation which is easy to eat.

Dinner and breakfast are basically taken here.

Dinner 18:30-20:30
Breakfast 7:00-8:30(Free time※)

※ For breakfast, if you are within the above time, you can get down to the restaurant and have breakfast at your disposal.



Please make use as a place to talk about couple, family, friends and so on.
Two tables are set up that are comfortable sofas, two-seater and three-seat racks, two tables of exceptional size for spreading a bit of snacks and alcohol.
Both terrestrial and BS can be seen on large screen TV. DVD is also available so please look after dinner time etc.
As a reading material, we also have other writers, mainly fictional writer Mr. Ayako Miura, a female writer from Asahikawa city, Hokkaido.
Apart from the novel, we have prepared several natural magazines and fairy tales.


AM11:30 - PM15:00(L.O14:30)
​Holiday Tuesday・Wednesday(Lunch only)

PM18:30 - PM21:00(L.O20:30)


hokkaido sorachigun nakafuranocho  shikauchinojo

TEL: 0167-44-3957  FAX: 0167-44-3647

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